What is Osuwari Team?
It’s a scanlation group scanlating non-licensed shoujo/shounen manga. We don’t gain any profits from doing this.

When will the next release be?
We don’t have any releasing schedule so it’s hard to say… ^^’

Can I upload your chapters on my site?
Please email us first at osuwariteam@gmail.com and we will see :)

Can I use your scans and scanlate them into another language?
We’re sorry, but no. There are many reasons why we won’t allow other groups to re-scanlate our releases, so I won’t be pointing all of them out here. If you really want to know, you can PM me XD And our no is a final no. We’re really sorry, but that’s it.

Can I use your painted scans for something?
The person who painted them for us, is no longer in the team, so I’m afraid there’s no possibility of asking her for her permission… Thus, I’m afraid we must say no :(

Can I help you with your projects?
WE WOULD BE REALLY HAPPY IF YOU DID! Check out which positions are availiable and if you have what it takes to help us, apply! :D

I spotted some mistakes in your chapter!
Um… I’m sorry ^^’. But if they’re not any crucial mistakes we won’t be redoing our chapters. It takes extra time to redo a chapter and we often don’t have the PSD necessary for that anymore.

Will you scanlate shounen-ai/yaoi manga?

…and why is that?
Because I (Akamaru) don’t like shounen-ai/yaoi ^^’ And since I’m working with almost every project, I really don’t want to be forced to read this stuff :P (yes, I’m selfish. I’m sorry XD)

Akamaru is a boy or a girl?
XDD A girl actually XD Haha, soooo many people asked me this question…

The links are broken!
email us at osuwariteam@gmail.com or leave a comment, we’ll try to fix them ASAP!

What is ‘ISBN’?
That is the serial number of manga volume. When you want to buy a volume in manga store (and I hope you DO =P) you can search for manga using the ISBN or you can check if this is the right manga (by comparing serial numbers).

Which manga is that image that you use for your recruit page from?
It’s from Baumkuchen Record, which Osuwari Team will be working on.


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